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Frequently Asked Questions...

HELP! How do you do this herringbone stitch?

It says to use a twisted bundle of two beads, but I cannot find a tutorial on how to do that

Best Answer...


I looked to find a tutorial too, could not find one.
Your directions show what is meant, they are just a little skimpy.
They mean you to take the two strands of beads, and gently twist them together, as shown in the second picture, then you "sew" the red and little shiny beads into the black strand. See in the final picture, the red beads are only on the black bead strand, but the grey one is still there, twisted around the grey one.
More power to you, trying to figure out directions on that site.

She is just sewing those red beads onto the the black beads. She insets the needle with thread backwards into the end of the beads, draws it up and out, then puts the red bead on the needle and thread, and then through he shiny one on next.
Then the needle goes back down into the red bead again where it started, pulling up the thread to bring the bead in close to the necklace. And then the needle goes through the beads down the line of beads to the next place an extra bead is wanted.
In other words, the little shiny bead hold the red bead in place, while the threaded needle goes down the line to the next spot.

Not hard, and I would think that any way you can see those red and shiny beads onto that necklace so the thread does not show would be fine.